Weapons and Crafting Guide

Weapons can be made from several different materials. A listing below shows all the different types of materials that weapons (melee) can be composed of. This also has a varying effect on the weapon itself.

Ballurite Weapons: This sturdy material coveted by Orks in the region of Cooldoom holds a coppery sheen and refines all weapons it becomes. It reacts well to forging and alchemists argue that the material has a thirst for blood that allows it to cut deeper than normal metal.
(Increased the HD of a weapon by 1. Example: Ballurite Longsword 1d10)

Bone Weapons: Crude and forceful weapons more commonly disdained by civilized warriors. The lizard Cree use bone weapons.

Iron Weapons: Timeless and most often used in manufacturing weapons across Solas.

Platinum Weapons: A material reserved for the forging of magical weaponry. This resource is hoarded by Enchanters and Mages as it responds to enchantments well.

Silver Weapons: The use of silver in weapons was encouraged by the Heranite order. Silver weapons deal incredible damage to undead foes.
(Silver weapons gain Undead Bane – Auto Kill)

Steel Weapons: Only recently has steel been of plenty to use in crafting. It is stronger than Iron and less pricey than Ballurite.
(Critical max damage range by one step. A Longsword would score Max Damage on a roll of 19-20 normally but a Steel Longsword is 18-20)

Opalite Weapons: An extremely rare and hard to work mineral that is known for its ability to deflect magical attacks and spells. Artifacts recovered that are forged of Opalite are usually kept as trophies.

Weapons and Crafting Guide

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