Solas Worlds Apart


Solas: Worlds Apart
Blake Theademan, Omavi Caeser, Nate Moss, Courtny Cotten, Jim Kochert

This Solas installment focuses on a group of super-powered characters as they race to stop the coming of a great power. All the while dealing with a suspicious world that views magic and unnatural talents as something too dangerous to be used unchecked.

  • This game takes place in a large metropolis known as Cleveden, formerly known as Clevedon in older Solas games. It is on the edge of many technological advances including hover-craft, teleportation, cloning and many other science-fiction inspired topics.
  • Players have the chance to play as descendants, century-apart proteges or characters with some other tie-in to the original Solas names such as Chorster, Carter, Serpenthelm, Tarmikos.
  • The characters will all be ‘super’ in terms of the world. They will be forming a group of heroes under the watchful eye of the Entity.
  • The deities of old have forgotten Solas and the Athaneam is thought to have once been a myth.
  • While the characters will not be directly misaligned against the city’s government they will have to deal with being vigilantes in order to get the job done.
  • Action in Worlds Apart is fast, bold and off the wall.
  • Spandex? If you want.
  • Capes? Take three!
  • Masks? In a world where the government watches every move within the city, the characters will need to protect their identities as well as their personal lives. Because in Worlds Apart, anyone could be your arch-nemesis.
  • The only characters that can be transferred into Solas: Worlds Apart are Olohand – as Bonewalker or Jamkul depending on what occurs in Solas III.

While Worlds Apart is a far cry from the original Solas games it is meant to serve as a way to show off lineages of characters. The action is fun, the consequences could be the stuff of comic books! Players who find themselves wanting to knock someone through a wall with a single punch will enjoy this game.


Solas Worlds Apart

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