Solas Shenglands


Solas: Shenglands
Jim Kochert, Nate Moss, Elizabeth McGlone, Omavi Caesar, Blake Theademan

This Solas installment follows the story of two familiar faces (Either Normilan or Jamkul) as they travel to the Far East, the Shenglands. It takes place some few years after Solas III just as the Caster Wars have begun.

  • The game’s setting is inspired by Ancient Asia. Elements of both China and Japan are prevalent within Solas: Shenglands.
  • Gameplay revolves around an intriguing political struggle as the Imperial family fights from all sides to keep their throne.
  • Only four characters are transferable to Solas: Shenglands – Venthe, Olohand, and either Normilan or Jamkul.
  • The Shenglands possess a strange form of magic known as Moshu, it is completely detached from the Fae Dictionary and deals with the elements Fire, Water, Wood, Air and Metal.
  • Players who do no transfer a character over will be required to make a new character with a Shengland background.

This Solas installment is designed for those who wish to explore and understand an entirely new area of the world. It is not your typical dungeon crawl but possesses tons of intense kung-fu inspired combat.


Solas Shenglands

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