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Atilan Lagash

  • Male Human, 25 years old.
  • Descendant of elven-blood.
  • Oft times lover/friend of Theon Chorster

Ser Boswin Cagmor

  • Male Human, 43 years old
  • Bodyguard of Atilan Lagash
  • Killed at Skylden Aviary by Astral Mages

Kayal Carter

  • Female Human, 20 years old
  • Sister of Bellamin Carter
  • Well loved by the people of New Thornn

Cormag Carter

  • Male Human, 55 years old
  • Hails from Morvik, Father of Kayal and Bellamin
  • Killed by Bakshra the Bloodhound

Lady Tildress Alfor

  • Female Human, 30 years old
  • Cavalier of Arlay
  • Close friend/adviser of Cruvan Chorster

Baroness Alvina

  • Female Human, 37 years old
  • Baroness of Arlay
  • Daughter of Baron Alain and sister of Prince Raynard, Davian’s aunt


  • Female Human, 22 years old
  • Novice healer at Fort Thornn
  • Rescued by Cruvan and his allies

Professor Snow

  • Male Human/Mage, 71 years old
  • Former instructor at Winterseat
  • Deceased, member of the Astral Mages

Garanth Eisen

  • Male Human/Mage, 33 years old
  • 7th Astral Mage
  • Killed by Normilan Serpenthelm

Samandra Shor

  • Female Human/Mage, 26 years old
  • Master Mage at Roseland
  • Sent to the Gray Isles to kill Levashen

Tasha Ramsay

  • Female Human, 21 years old
  • Enamored with Davian Loyalar
  • Has a son named Patrik

Bakshra the Bloodhound

  • Male Human, 40 years old
  • Former tyrant/ruler of the Draftlands
  • Beheaded by Cruvan Chorster

Roland Hamelin

  • Male Human, 34 years old
  • Child-molester, Bloodhound second-in-command
  • Killed by Davian Loyalar

Ser Cenhelm

  • Male Human, 51 years old
  • Knight at Fort Thornn
  • Has a squire named Neville

Drusilia Deadeyes

  • Female Human, 44 years old
  • Noble-lady of Saint Hera
  • MIA in Levashen’s attack on the city

Harrod Deadeyes

  • Male Human, 50 years old
  • Nobleman of Saint Hera, Bodrish descendancy
  • MIA in Levashen’s attack on the the city


  • Male Half-Elf, ?
  • Spy working for Bakshra
  • Killed by Davian Loyalar and Walken Deadeyes

Section 1

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