Rules for Defense of Drafta Minigame

To see the specific unit statistics then follow this link: Defense of Solas Unit Statistics

How to Begin:
The game begins with both sides rolling a six sided dice. Whoever rolls the higher number is allowed to take their turn first.

How to Take a Turn:
When it is a character’s turn they are able to move units into position for attacks, use talents or abilities, withdraw forces back to the base or shift positions with allies.

1. Movement: Each unit has a movement indicated on their info card. Whenever a player chooses to move the unit they move any number of squares up to their Movement #. Players cannot move their units through enemy positions but may move them through allied positions.

- Special Movements: Sometimes a unit needs to move in a special way whether it be through rough terrain, up/down a slope or over water. Only air units can pass over water unless the water is indicated as shallow. Some rough terrains slow units and their movement is reduced, such is the case of movements moving through forests or heavily wooded areas. (Movement is cut in half).

2. Combat: Whenever an ally is adjacent to an enemy unit they may make an attack action. An attack action is dealt with by the attacker and defender rolling a six-sided dice and the higher number is allowed to deal Full Damage. The loser deals damage equivalent to their Partial Damage.

- What About Ties?: Whenever an attack results in a tie, unless the unit has an ability to break ties, no damage is done. This is seen as a stalemate between the two engaged parties.

- Critical Attacks: A critical attack occurs when a Defending unit rolls a 1 and the Attacking unit rolls a 6. In these instances, the defender is unable to react and takes Full Damage but cannot deal Partial Damage.

- Ranged Attacks: Archer units and Mage units can attack from up to two spaces away from a target. Unless they are targeting another Archer or Mage unit, Full Damage is dealt to the defender with no chance for Partial Damage. If two Archer units attack one another – they would roll as per the rules above.

- Special Attacks: Specials attacks are attacks typically used by monsters, creature units, casters or units with a specific magical item. In most cases, the defending unit does not get a chance to role for Partial Damage as the attack deals a set amount of damage.

3. Defeating Foes: Whenever a unit is defeated, the unit who won the battle will regain the use of their One-Time Use Talent if they’ve previously used it.

4. Vulnerability: Some units are more susceptible to attacks from opposing units. In most cases the damage being dealt to the vulnerable unit is multiplied by 2 or in some cases by 3 or 4. Some special abilities grant a unit no vulnerabilities.

5. Unit Defeat: Whenever a player has a unit that is defeated, the Narrator rolls a d100 on the Random Consequence Chart to determine the effects of the player character. While currently death is excluded from the Defense of Solas minigame, characters may find themselves severely wounded if they’re defeated by the enemy unit.

6. Healing: Some units gain the ability to heal allies while all allies can recover their HP if they retreat back to the Encampment. An encampment can fit four units and every turn they are within the Encampment they restore 2 HP.

7. Setting up an Encampment. A small encampment can be set up on a battlefield but it requires two units side-by-side to forego their rounds and state they are setting up an encampment. Once an encampment is set the space will heal any unit within it by 2 HP per turn.

Rules for Defense of Drafta Minigame

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