Lethality in the Campaign

Typically, in a tabletop roleplaying game, criticals are given a base multiplier to calculate their critical damage when a 19-20, 20 or even 18-20 is rolled. In Solas, any successful attack may mark the end of your character!

Rolling Damage: Whenever a character rolls for their weapon/spell damage they roll an additional d6. This d6 represents the lethality of the damage.
- Roll of 1 : Damage is multiplied by one, a slight blow.
- Roll of 2 : Damage is multiplied 2.
- Roll of 3 : Damage is multiplied by 3, a decent strike.
- Roll of 4 : Damage is multiplied by 4, could be fatal.
- Roll of 5 : Damage is multiplied by 5, a truly deadly strike.
- Roll of 6 : A roll of 6 is a special roll, characters/enemies who are unarmored or have no defense against this roll automatically roll a Death Resistance or die. This attack is considered the equivalent of having your head nearly severed or a stab through the heart. Those who survive a roll of 6 have severe penalties afterwards.

Dodging or Blocking a Lethality: A character must MATCH or beat the attacker’s attack roll regardless but Lethality is also affected this way. If a natural 20 is rolled (With no bonuses) then the Lethality takes affect.

Critical Roll 1 and 20.
-Attack Roll of 1: Character drops their weapon.
-Dodge Roll of 1: Automatic max damage from enemy weapon. (For a dagger it would be 4 (1d4) x5 = 20 )
-Block Roll 1: Shield is broken or disarmed.
-Attack Roll of 20: Weapon deals its max damage (For a longsword it would be 8 (1d8) x 5 = 40 ), cannot be dodged or blocked.
-Dodge Roll of 20: Automatic dodge without taking any damage, gains an immediate attack without attack bonuses.
-Block Roll of 20: Completely blocks enemy attack. Can disarm opponent automatically.

Critical Spell Damage

Critical spell damage is rolled in the same way but certain elements have certain effects on a Roll of 6.

Fire, Roll of 6: Incinerates the foe, if they make a Death Resistance then they are severely burned and suffer loss of use in a specified limb or limbs.

Electric, Roll of 6: Stops the foe’s heart. A Death Resistance negates the effect but the possibility of losing a limb ensues.

Cold, Roll of 6: Stops the foes heart or shatters them into frozen pieces. A Death Resistance negates the effects but can completely deplete the use of a limb.

Kinetic, Roll of 6: Blows the character’s body to pieces. A Death Resistance results in broken limbs, or body parts.

Arcane, Roll of 6: Turns the character into dust. A Death Resistance results in a complete depletion of 1/2 their SP permanently and knocks the character unconscious.

Lethality in the Campaign

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