Herbs and Alchemy


Often times adventurers overlook what abounds in nature. With all the splendor of coin and treasure they miss what might save their lives…a few fresh picked leaves carefully ground and mixed with the dust of a specific bark may call them from the edge of death itself.

Annato Mint

This species of plant is often used in alchemical processes for curing mental faculties. It may also be used to create candies as well as lotions and balms.
(Basic qualities: Leaf, Minty, Calming)


A unique plant that buds in small low-hanging kernels which can be ground into a fine powder. The powder can be burned or inhaled and allows for the renewal of energies.
(Basic qualities: Kernels, Powder, Spicy)


A rare and odd flower that blooms at sunrise and dies at nightfall. Used for healing balms and poultices.
(Basic qualities: Flowering, Rare, Aromatic)


This white flower blooms in the strangest places, often times on the ground of burial sites or battlegrounds. Consuming the flower is reported to give a boost in one’s vigor.
(Basic qualities: Flowering, Aromatic)


This orange flower seems to grow anywhere it can. It makes a rather common sight and has many uses.
(Basic qualities: Flowering, Common, Aromatic)


This sturdy weed is commonly mistaken for less useful weeds. Lakeweed can be combined with many ingredients to create various alchemical substances.
(Basic qualities: Common, Grassy, Catalyst)

Neem Flower

This small blue flower is often harvested by healers for use in potions.
(Basic qualities: Common, Flowering, Aromatic)

Recipe #4: Two Neem Flowers boiled with three Lakeweeds and ground into a fine paste = Healing Balm (+5 HP)


This purple bell-shaped flower is only picked at night in the darkest of forests. It dries out once it is exposed to sunlight. It has a unique medical purpose.
(Basic qualities: Flowering, Rare, Antidote)

Sorrel Root

This variant of a legume-root is found to give fortification to many sick persons. It is usually combined with Lakewood or Neem Flower.
(Basic qualities: Undeground, Root, Uncommon)

Recipe #7: One Angula leave wrapped around a cube of Sorrel Root = Hex Ward (+20% Curse Resistance when swallowed)


A thorny leaf from a red-berrying bush. It is said to ward off curses when boiled with Sorrel Root.
(Basic qualities: Leaf, Boilable, Tart)

Goblin Cap

This bulbous mushroom is found near goblin warrens. It can be used to increase the viscosity of potions, balms and poultices.
(Basic qualities: Fungus, Uncommon, Bitter)

Recipe #5: Four Neem Flowers boiled with six Lakeweeds ground into a fine paste and stewed with two Goblin Caps = Healing Tonic (+15 HP)


This brownish mica is usually found inside smooth dark stones near underwater waterways. It can be ground down easily to produce a fine dust.


This olive-green is mined from small rivulets of stone that appear atop pieces of limestone in the northern forests of the Gray Isle. It is brittle and breaks into small granules.


This bright orange mineral grows on the ceiling of caves, it is always accompanied by a mirrored bed of orange moss on the cave floor. Scheel blocks are used in various recipes as the smallest grain of scheel is stronger than salt.

Herbs and Alchemy

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