Carterion Bracers


Item Name: Carterion/Carellio Bracers
Type: Armor Piece
Style/Make: Morvik
Material: Leather/Steel
Rarity: Rare
Owner: Bellamin Mayorson Carter

Passed down through generations and given to Bellamin by his father Cormag – these bracers signify the strength, unity and leadership qualities of the Carter (Formerly Carellio) family bloodline. They are adorned with the symbol of the golden sun for which the Carellio family house in Ancona is known for. These bracers have yet to unlock their true potential to Bellamin.

Abilities: +1 Attack and Block
Fire Expulsion, deals 1d6 Fire Damage, costs 2 SP to use.

Future Abilities (As divined by Theon)
-Increased Attack and Block bonuses
-Fire Bestowal

Carterion Bracers

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