Armor Handbook

Various pieces of armor may be discovered along the course of a character’s adventures. The piece in question can also be crafted from various materials. In most cases, the material only amplifies the quality and cost of the armor piece but some materials enhance the defensive components all together.

Poly Weave
This rare and almost non-existent fabric is woven from ancient creatures known as Poly Beasts. It seems to shift and glitter in the presence of light.

Leather Armor 10 lbs
A basic armor worn by warriors who vie for mobility rather than defense. Archers often wear leather as well. Negates Roll of 6 Death.

Chromed Leather 15 lbs
This leather has been reinforced by strips of lightweight rivets. It provides a -1 DR and Negates Roll of 6 Death.

Hideskin 30 lbs
Useful for outdoor excursions but does restrict mobility. The character gains a -2 DR, but suffers -1 Dodge and Negates Roll of 6 Death.

Breastplate 25 lbs
This piece of armor can be worn over cloth or leather armor and the Damage Reduction bonus stacks. A breastplate provides -2 DR, Negates Roll of 6 Death.

Chainmail 40 lbs
Heavy and but retaining some mobility that other heavy armors do not offer – chainmail is functional for footmen and warriors on the go. It provides a -3 DR and Negates Roll of 6 Death.

Eld Armor (Weight is 1/2)
This armor was fashioned by the Eld and provides the same damage reduction as any normal armor. The weight is half of what it normally would be.

Ringmail and Scalemail 60 lbs
This armor is heavier than chainmail but easier to wear than plate. It provides a decent -4 DR and Negates Roll of 6 Death but the character take -1 to Dodge. It 1/2’s damage from slashing weapons.

Platemail 80 lbs
Armor fashioned from iron, steel or platinum pieces that protect vital areas of the wearer’s body. This armor is heavy and has the same negative dodging effect ringmail has. It has the highest defensive potential with -5 DR and Negates Roll of 6 Death. It also 1/2’s damage from Blunt/Slashing weapons. Character takes -3 to Dodge.

Opalite Armor (Same weight)
This rare and oft undiscovered armor is known to have the same effect as Opalite weaponry. It will deflect magical attacks and spells with a 10% chance. A shield of Opalite has a 25% chance of deflecting spells.

Light Shields (5-10 lbs)
These shields are favored by quick defensive fighters. They provide +1 to Block.

Heavy Shields (15-25 lbs)
These heavy shields are useful when engaging large enemies. They provide +2 to Block.

Armor Handbook

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