An Interview with Director Trace Nettoc on Solas 3

As the Winter blockbuster from 2013 winds down, Solas 2 received plenty of reviews to keep the series alive. Viewers were introduced to new characters such as Drover and Jan Cupsegh as well as the unfortunate fate of the newcomer Olohand. These characters became fan favorites among the audience and Olohand was praised for being a martyr that added a new emotional dimension to the films that it was previously lacking.

With the release of Solas 3 on the horizon I had a chance to sit down with Trace Nettoc who has woven a story that he says will ‘blow your minds.’

When Solas 2 ended – we were left wondering what was going on with magic. Are you going to be resolving this plot in Solas 3?

Among others – yes. If viewers have kept up with the mini-series we’ve released after Solas 2 you’ll know what is going on. Hawthorne (leader of the Astral Mages and played by Sean Penn) has stolen the Fae Dictionary and with it he plans to cause as much destruction and fear as possible. Normilan (Played by Aaron Tveit) leads the initiative against Hawthorne and his organization and we get to see a lot of tough decisions being made by Norm and his allies.

Where are the characters at the start of the film?

They’re in the Shenglands, a region of Solas we’ve mentioned but never developed until now. It plays a large role in what is to come and why Hawthorne has stolen magic.

Early concept and set photos have shown large groups of soldiers preparing for combat – we even see Drover and the animatronic Children of Lir – gearing up to fight. Is it Hawthorne they’re facing?

Yes and another enemy. The Shenglands are currently facing the start of a civil war that will decide who sits on the Imperial throne. As usual, the main characters are involved.

Are we going to see as much comedy as we usually do? With Sacha Baron Cohen not returning to the cast?

(laughing) Even the thought of Sacha playing Bellamin makes me crack up. You know – Bellamin has always played a very important role in the story. He sort of works like the light-hearted glue, keeping everyone from taking things too seriously. After some important story developing Sacha decided to bow out. He was very respectful when doing so and knows he really isn’t needed for the journey the characters are about to take. Hopefully, Alex Skaarsgard can deliver some very stoic one-liners that will make up for Sacha’s absence. But Solas 3 has a much more, serious edge.

Is Solas 3 as action packed as Solas 2?

I don’t think so, in a way. Solas 1 was a watered down action move since the characters were still learning a lot about themselves. Norm hadn’t been introduced and magic wasn’t an integral part to destroying Bakshra and saving the Draftlands. In Solas 2, a lot had been riding on magic in the short installments in between so it was bound to be more…‘special-effecty’. Solas 3 is what I’d call action oriented on an epic level. Full scale warfare and an impending duel between Hawthorne and one of the more powerful magic users of Solas are definitely going to keep you on the edge of your seat.

We’ve noticed (as have thousands of fans) that Amanda Seyfried and Eva Green have been attached to roles in Solas 3. Anything you can tell us on their roles?

Yes I can. (He leans in close) They play extremely beautiful and extremely powerful women but other than that you’ll have to wait and see. We’ve also got a few other beautiful girls on the list: Alexa PenaVega, Shay Mitchell, Britt Robertson and Bianca Lawson. (Acts as if he didn’t mean to say the names). That should keep everyone guessing.

Wow that’s a lot of female actresses – are you hoping to bring some sort of amazon theme to the story?

(Laughs and zips his lips)

Fair enough – but you have to give us a little information on these clues you’re leaving all over your twitter feed. They’re about the Fae Dictionary right?

The descendant of a star, the remains of loneliness, and One of Six.

Yes but You know I also said that we’ve seen these things in real life – but people forget that piece of information. If you want I can give you another clue?

Oh yes please.

All six were once a single life.

Wow – could you be anymore esoteric?

(Smiles and folds arms) I want the audience to be excited for the film – I also want them to be excited for the future of Solas installments. The energy the cast puts into these films, the art direction, the crew and everyone involved have developed Solas into a living-breathing world. I want them to get the credit they deserve, this movie could be just as awesome as Avengers, 300, Gladiator, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon…hell it’s sort of all those movies wrapped up in one.

You make a great point and you know your audience appreciates your movies. I do have one last question before we wrap u[: Any chance we’ll see the characters in superhero spandex anytime soon?

These characters are sort of superheroes in their own right but spandex might be out of the questions. Well, except for Norm. He’s sort of weird like that.

Solas 3 will be released in theaters nationwide on October 7th 2014. It stars: Aaron Tveit (Normilan Serpenthelm), Alex Skaarsgard (Cruvan Chorster), Evan Peters (Drover), Djimon Hounsou (VA: Bonewalker), Leehom Wang, Brian Tee, Mike Moh, Amanda Seyfried, Eva Green, Alexa PenaVega, Shay Mitchell, Britt Robertson, Bianca Lawson, Sean Penn (Hawthorne), George Bladgen (Theon Chorster), Gwendoline Christine (Dreda), Mark Gatiss (Adotumal)

Solas 3 is being developed by Epik Studios in conjunction with Bad Robot and a third party producer which remains anonymous.

An Interview with Director Trace Nettoc on Solas 3

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