The years begin to catch up with me, I grow weary of battle, in both body and soul.”_________________
-Ser Boswin of Ivystairs

Discover: Cruvan Chorster, Norm Serpenthelm, Official Book of Mage Spells, Book 1, Part 1
The Tone of Solas________________________________________________________
The feature that most sets Solas apart is its tone and attitude. The setting combines traditional medieval folklore with a realism rarely seen in tabletop roleplaying. This world is meant to pit players in realistic life-or-death situations which they may not survive, rather than simply ‘rolling’ themselves to safety. The bloody, gritty fighting of Braveheart mixed with the intrigue and suspense of a Witcher novel is direct inspiration used to give the players a more immersive feel.
The world of Solas is at the edge of a revolution, Mages train in influential academies and the age of industry is not far in the horizon. Long since are the days of armored Knights of Hera or the harsh Anconan Rule of the Salteaen Basin. With the progression of magic, free and independent nations – Solas has seen much change.
Your character in Solas is, to be simply put, yourself. You will create a character that is akin to who you are with your own physical capabilities, intelligence and know-how. As it would pertain to being a borne-citizen of Solas.


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