Official Book of Mage Spells


All those curious, whether they be of magical talent or unfortunate of not, may find this catalog of detailed spells, incantations and cantrips of interest.

Common Spells

1.“Colifors” the dazzling charm
SP: 2, Enchantment
This spell allows the caster to dazzle a target’s mind forcing them to lose their turn.

2.“Benam cirai” the fleet-of-foot enchantment
SP: 4, Enchantment
This spell alters the speed at which the target moves. A target affected by this spell make take one extra action deemed appropriate by the Narrator.

3.“Codomi menarcaz” the aura of alteration
SP: 5, Enchantment
This tricky spell allows the Mage to alter the aura and magical appearance of a target. All Mages learnt the ability to ‘see’ one another’s Mageworths and by using this spell they can conceal, alter or reshape their Mageworth. A reveal spell will disarm this enchantment.

4.“Benam napteos” the slumber charm
SP: 4, Enchantment
This spell can put a target or multiple targets to sleep if they’re within close proximity of the target the spell is cast on. Those multiple targets affected receive a +10 to their Enchantment Resistance.

5.“Veilir se” the self-invisibility cloak
SP: 4, Enchantment
This spell enchants the target with invisibility. A Mage may ONLY use this ability on themselves. The duration of this spell lasts as long as no harmful, intrusive or dangerous action is taken – as it require the Mage’s focus to maintain. A reveal spell will disarm this enchantment.

6.“Cion levuous” the echoing voice spell
SP: 3, Enchantment
This spell allows the user to communicate up to fifteen words to a target who is no farther than a mile away. The words travel instantaneously.

7.“Ambulo memora” the thought-hand spell
SP: 4, Enchantment
This spell grants the Mage with the ability to telekinetically manipulate objects no more than 10 lbs. The Mage may use this ability to wield weapons and shields but gains no bonus from any attack bonus/block bonus they would normally receive. This spell lasts for five rounds.

8."Thran revuous: the revealing charm
SP: 4, Enchantment
This spell is useful to disarm invisibility, altered auras and other bewildering spells. This spell will also reveal dangerous traps if used for that purpose. This spell is instantaneous.

9.“Benam maglamora” the heart-song charm
SP: 4, Enchantment
This spell will bend the target’s heart to be more easily influenced by diplomacy, intimidation or deception. The spell acts instantaneously and any skill to persuade or trick the target succeeds instantly but only once. Unless the spell is cast once more.

10.“Nam alamastranus” the bolstering enchantment
SP: 3, Enchantment
This beneficial spell will bolster a target and give them a +35% to Fear/Shock Resistance. The effects of this spell last for 24 hours.

11.“Benam basha” the comforting charm
SP: 3, Enchantment
This unique spell eases a target’s body to acclimate to an environment better. It can be anything from creating a warming sensation to ease the cold, alleviating a scratchy rash or helping with the pains of hunger. Although this spell will not remedy hunger or wounds received from battle, it can alleviate the suffering. The spell lasts for 24 hours but each application applies to one ailment.

12.“Benai” the filtering air spell
SP: 2, Enchantment
This spell can be used to filter out harmful toxins, smoke or other invasive airborne disruptions. The spell lasts for 1 hour.

13.“Exe horfeo” the curse of fear
SP: 3, Hex
This hex will cause an overwhelming fear in a target whether it be a sound, vision or feeling they dread most. Every target is different in what they fear most. The target affected by this hex will flee from the caster as fast as possible and the most readily available fashion. Those affected by this curse repeatedly will suffer from long-term psychological damage. A shielding charm can counter this hex.

14.“Exe ni-stranus” the curse of weakness
SP: 4, Curse
This curse drains the target of strength whenever they land their next attack. A Lethality roll immediately after the target has been affected by this curse will suffer a -50 on the roll result. Once the roll is made, the curse is lifted.

15.“Renun sigros” the sanctuary incantation
SP: 6, Sigil Circle
This powerful sigil circle can only be achieved by a Mage who draws a fine white line of chalk in a circle no larger than ten meters. Once the circle is completed and the incantation recited the spell activates. Only those whom the Mage designates will be allowed to enter the predefined area. Anything within the circle is invisible and cannot be seen/heard by outside forces. This spell will last for 6 hours unless maintained at 6 hour intervals. A powerful Mage can use a reveal spell to banish this sigil.

16.“Nadasdura” the lock charm
SP: 2, Rune
This rune will lock a portal, window, door or chest. Only an unlocking charm will reverse this spell.

17.“Apisnada” the unlocking charm
SP: 2, Rune
This rune will unlock a portal, window, door or chest and can reverse the Nadasdura charm.

18.“Se-sigros” the self shield charm
SP: 4, Rune
This useful, protective spell will aid the Mage in deflecting attacks and spells. It is used instantaneously as a warrior would use a shield to block an incoming attack. Each use of this spell costs spell points. Only characters with the Counterspell talent can use this spell in battle. Otherwise this spell serves to protect from harm in a less fast-paced fashion.

19.“Colinorr nor” the erasing spell
SP: 3, Transmutation
This spell will magically erase writing, carvings or images from stone, wood or parchment. The same incantation can be used to return the erased to its former state but only if cast by the same Mage. A reveal spell will also disarm the effects of the erasing spell.

20.“Grigous” the dimension enchantment
SP: 4, Transmutation
This spell fluctuates in intensity. A low ranking Mage can only use this spell to increase the size or decrease the size of small, inorganic objects. With the progression of the Mage’s power the spell can be used to increase/decrease living matter including animals, humans and plants. The spell point cost would increase consequently.

21.“Festranus” the mend-what-is-broken spell
SP: 3, Transmutation
This spell will mend broken metal, stone, wood, glass or cloth. It has been known by some Mages to mend wounds but the theory of this application is questionable.

22.“Benam nitriovenuous” the cat’s eye charm
SP: 3, Enchantment
This spell grants the target the ability to see in the dark up to 20 meters clearly. Color cannot be distinguished in this state and the spell’s duration lasts an hour.

23.“Codomi foro” the mastery of fire spell
SP: 4, Transmutation
This common spell is used to extinguish, enlarge or fashion the element of fire to the Mage’s will. All applications of the spell are up to the Narrator’s discretion.

24.“Benam osli piscla” the fish-breath charm
SP: 3, Transmutation
This tricky spell will physically alter the target. It will create small gills and oxygen-processing glands inside the neck of the target. The transformation can be painful when cast by a untrained Mage. This spell allows the target to breathe underwater for 24 hours without conflict.

25.“Ni-calibir” the slow moving charm
SP: 3, Enchantrment
This spell will decrease the speed at which something is falling, flying, rolling or otherwise moving. This spell’s effects are up to the Narrator’s discretion. The counter of this spell is the swiftness charm.

26.“Exe vora” the suffocation curse
SP: 4, Hex
This hex is employed by cruel Mages. When cast it slowly suffocates the target and deals 2 damage every round the hex is maintained. If this spell is used and not maintained it will rob the target of their turn, deal 2 damage and force them to spend their next turn recovering.

27.“Benam osli metal” the durability enchantment
SP: 4, Transmutation
This spell will actually alter the atomic bonds of glass, wood, stone or metal. It will increase it’s durability to the point of it becoming as tough as steel. The durability spell’s duration lasts for 24 hours.

28.“Glow” the illumination spell
SP: 2, Invocation
This spell creates an orb of glowing light to guide the Mage. It will last until dismissed or 24 hours. The intensity of this orb can be altered by trained Mages and powerful Mages can use this spell to blind opponents on occasion.

29.“Foro” the fire invocation
SP: 3, Invocation
This spell unleashes a sparkling plume of fire that will explode on impact. It harmlessly deals no damage but will result in the target affected taking -2 on all attacks, dodges, blocks. This spell can be used to counter other invocation spells.

30.“Arca darat” the wizard’s arrow spell
SP: 4, Invocation
This spell sends forth an arrow of arcane energy that unerringly strikes an opponent. It gains no Lethality roll but deals a static 14 points of arcane damage. This spell can be used to counter other invocation spells.

31.“Arca veilir” the arcane mantle spell
SP: 6, Invocation
This spell will cover the target in a mantle of swirling arcane energy that absorbs fire/cold/electric/arcane energy up to 30 points. It lasts for 5 rounds or until 30 points are absorbed.

32.“Cion renun pislovara” the conjuring mist spell
SP: 4, Invocation
This spell conjures a swift-rising field of fog and wet mist that hampers vision and obscures the area. All attack rolls are subject to a 25% miss chance. This spell can be dismissed by a strong wind or the Mage who cast it. It will dissipate after 1 hour.

33.“Cion pisla” the water charm
SP: 3, Invocation
This spell allows the Mage to create jets, orbs or small streams of water. Trained Mages can use this spell to counter other elemental spells but receives a -10 to do so. If this spell is used offensively the spell point cost is doubled but it deals 10 blunt damage with no Lethality roll.

34.“Arcazibir” the lightning invocation
SP: 5, Invocation
This spell creates a bolt of lightning that strikes a target. If the bolt hits it deals 15 electric damage and receives a Lethality roll. There is a 25% chance that the bolt will split and hit foes surrounding the target. This spell can be used to counter other invocation spells.

35.“Fenz” the severing charm
SP: 3, Transmutation
This spell will sever cloth, rope, string, chain or any other binding. Cruel and powerful Mages can use this spell to cut skin and each application deals 4 damage.

36.“Nam ambulo” the animation enchantment
SP: 6, Enchantment
This spell will imbue any non-sentient inorganic piece of furniture, weaponry, armor or similar apparatus into functioning. The functions of this spell are up to the Narrator’s discretion but most items affected will act in a way that would be deemed ‘appropriate’. A locking rune will disarm this spell.

37.“Vech holorr” the nature’s voice spell
SP: 4, Enchantment
This spell allows the Mage to communicate with animals for 24 hours.

38.“Triistipal” the bridge spell
SP: 6, Transmutation
This spell will create/form a bridge across an expanse no greater than 2m. The newly formed bridge will be from material around the opening such as vines, pebbles, flagstone, etc. The bridge will remain there for one hour and cannot be broken except by the casting Mage.

39.“Vechindior” the great voice spell
SP: 6. Transmutation
This spell allows the Mage to use his/her voice in an offensive fashion. The Mage can shout, scream or yell and a funnel of sonic energy will be unleashed in its place. The damage dealt by this spell is 15 sonic damage and it receives a Lethality roll.

40.“Codomi ara cuin” the air mastery spell
SP: 4, Transmutation
This spell grants the Mage the ability to warp air and wind. They can create a gust of wind or a wall of air to deflect arrows. This spell can be used to knock opponents over but the focus required would take 3 full turns of concentration.

41.“Levuous” the levitation charm
SP: 3, Enchantment
This spell will lift, levitate and float any object no more than 25 lbs. The direction lifted can be up, left and right but never down. The speed at which the levitated object moves is very slow. This spell will only remain active for 24 hours and Mages and engineers are currently working on a more permanent application.

42.“Exe serpe” the snake curse
SP: 6, Hex
This powerful hex will force the target into a paralyzed state for 3 rounds. This spell can be countered with a shield spell.

43.“Exe almora gemina” the twin-heart curse
SP: 10, Curse
This curse is difficult to cast but when done so correctly, will affect another living target nigh-permanently. When cast, this spell binds two living souls together. Whenever pain is dealt to one target, another is also affected. Wherever the targets wind up in the world they can always sense one another’s emotions and if the other is in danger. If one should die, the other will slowly succumb to death as well. This spell cannot be reversed, or at least, by any known magic.

44.“Restre spheris” the reflective sphere spell
SP: 6, Rune
This spell creates a sphere around the caster, 3 meters in circumference and 5 meters tall. Any spell casts against the target(s) inside of this sphere immediately reflect back on the caster. It should be noted that the sphere cannot move. No one can enter the sphere and if someone leaves the sphere they cannot re-enter. The sphere lasts for 3 rounds.

45.“Exe ni-vech” the silencing hex
SP: 6, Curse
This dangerous curse will afflict the target with a powerful mute effect. The afflicted will no longer be able to cast spells unless they have the silent-casting ability. This curse lasts until the Mage who cast it, lifts it.

46.“Arcafestranus” the magical weapon spell
SP: 6, Enchantment
This spell will convert a mundane weapon into a magical one. The blade, shaft, tip, etc will become a cackling conduit of arcane energy that deals double base damage. It will only last for three successful attacks.

47"Velsillu niroi" the illusion enchantment
SP: 6, Enchantment
This spell is useful for Mages who wish to change the properties of an item with illusory magic. It will seem that the item/target is larger, a different color, or entirely different than what it truly is. This spell does not actually change the properties of the item, only makes it seem as if the item has changed.

48.“Exe hindren olth” the stone figure curse
SP: 10, Curse
This forbidden curse is often times regarded as one of the most detrimental to anyone afflicted. A difficult reversal incantation can remove the effects of this spell. When cast this spell will turn an item no larger than 400 lbs into solid stone. If cast on a living thing, it will petrify them in place. If the spell is not reversed on a living being within 24 hours, the affected target perishes.

49"Benam gemina" the duplication spell
SP: 5, Transmutation
This spell duplicates an item no bigger than 25 lbs. The item is the same in all uses, functions and dimension. It will not work on artifacts or magical items unless the Narrator advises it will.

50.“Astras ceneromemor” the spying spell
SP: 10, Enchantment
This spell allows the Mage to spy through a mirror, window, pool of water or something similar. They can see the happenings up to 10 miles away but must be keenly aware of the place they are spying upon. This spell can only be employed for an hour at a time.

51.“Sarra” the summoning spell
SP: 4. Invocation
The summoning spell can be used to summon an item from a pocket dimension instantaneously as long as it is within 5 miles of the Mage. If the distance is greater, the duration of the summoning is up to Narrator discretion. This spell can be used only if the Mage has designated the item(s) with his own Mage rune beforehand.

52.“Cere nasari” the direction-finding charm
SP: 3, Enchantment
This spell will allow the Mage to instantly know which direction is north.

53.“Finis araii” the finding charm
SP: 4, Enchantment
This spell will allow the Mage to find an item they are searching for. A more advanced version can be used to locate people but only advanced Mages can perform the spell correctly. It requires much detail to find a specific person.

Official Book of Mage Spells

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