Walken the Apprentice

The young apprentice of the Chorster Brothers.


Body: 50 / Mind: 60 / Soul: 50
Death Res: 50 / Morph Res: 55 / Fear Res: 55
Body Points: 50 / Spirit Points: 14
Attack +0, Block +0, Dodge +0, Initiative +0

Traits: Young, wealthborn, dilettante

Languages: Regional-Lann, Formal-Lann, Bodrish

Skills: Smithing 35%, Casting 35%, Riding 55%, Diplomacy 35%, Trading 25%, Wilderness 25%, Lore 35%

Talents & Abilities
At-Arms (Trained): Walken is never without his sword and he can draw the weapon as an instant action.
Animal Shift – Bear (Natural): Walken has learned how to tap into his Volke ancestry and take on the appearance of a large brown bear. He gains all the strength and abilities the animal would have.

Casting Tool:
Casting Cost: 2+1d8


Walken Deadeyes
Real Name: William Leoric Deadeyes
Age: 26
Occupation: Blacksmith/Mage Apprentice
Bloodline: Bodrish (Father) / Lann (Mother)
Birthdate: Junos
Starsign: The Murderous STar

Walken Deadeyes is a noble son of the prestigious Deadeye family of St. Hera. He was reluctantly able to convince his parents to attend the Institute of Teslev. While at the Institute, he met both Jenath and Cruvan as upper classmen. He took to Cruvan and Walken’s remarkable sense of happy-go-lucky zeal earned him an apprenticeship under the blacksmith.

While Cruvan journeyed to the Draftlands to find his brother, Walken grew bored. He decided to follow in Cruvan’s footsteps and his resulting absence caused his parents alarm. They believed he had been kidnapped and by Cruvan. They requested the Baroness Alvina send out a patrol to track down the deviant blacksmith.

Walken arrived in Thronn just as it was falling under seige by Bakshra’s forces. When the half-elf spy of Bakshra was captured, Walken kept guard. He was easily duped and the half-elf known as Parnel fled easily. During the fighting, Walken and Davian managed to corner Parnel and the half-elf met his demise at the end of Davian’s axe blade. Walken kept the half-elfs exotic scimitar as a trophy.

When Fort Palad fell, Walken experienced much of the bloodshed. He didn’t mind, knowing it was to be a common thing if was to continue his apprenticeship under Cruvan who was becoming the hero of the Draftlands.

After the events in the Draftlands, Walken was returned home by Lady Tildress and he watched as his family accused Cruvan of kidnapping their son. In the time thereafter, Walken was sent across sees and by Theon’s hand – to the Mage Hall of Roseland where he would study magic rather than be sent into military service as his parents were requesting.

A few months later, Walken returned with newfound magical abilities. He was also discovered to be a shapeshifter. His shifting form, that of a small black bear. He kept this ability a secret and confided in his new teacher away from the Mage Hall, Theon.

During the Skylden Aviary expedition, Walken was badly wounded by the great beast, Levashen. He was carried out of the aviary by his companions. He has since recovered from his wounds but the horrible burns of the great beast haunt him to this day. He is steadily growing in both magic and martial prowess.

The scimitar he possesses is known as the Espirio’nit. It is a Volke weapon and holds strange and undiscovered powers that even Theon cannot identify.

Walken the Apprentice

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