Norm the Caster

Adventurer, spell-sword and just a bit insane...


Body: 38 / Mind: 65 / Soul: 63
Death Res: 50 / Morph Res: 51 / Fear Res: 63
Body Points: 38 / Spirit Points: 46
Attack +0*, Block +0, Dodge +1, Initiative +0

Traits: Optimist, mageborn, thin

Languages: Regional-Lann, Stendish

Skills: Riding 55%, Lore 35%, Casting 80%, Sensory 55%, Deception 35%, Athletics 35%

Talents & Abilities
Counter-Cast (Trained): Normilan has trained in the art of dueling and can counter most spells including curses.
Fencing (Trained): Normilan has trained with a rapier or saber and gains +1 to attack when wielding one.
Resonance (Special): Normilan has a 35% chance of not using any spirit points when he casts.
Formless Casting (Trained): Normilan has learned how to cast spells without the use of his Casting Tool.
Amulor Thief (Special): Normilan has taken two Amulors from Master Mages. They grant him a bonus of +10 to his Spirit Points.

Casting Tool: Cherry wand, two wells with a jade heart (Reduces cost of spells by 2)
Casting Cost: 2+1d4 (-2 when using his tool)


Norm Serpenthelm
Real Name: Normilan Serpenthelm II
Age: 22
Occupation: Freelance Mage
Bloodline: Stendish
Birthdate: Aprosa
Starsign: The Silent Star

Hailing from the far southern Vast of Zarand, Norm was born a to stand out among a harsh backdrop of religious politics and bloodthirsty zealots. Norm’s parents were both first-generation Mages who attended the original Hall of Origin in Scala before it was destroyed by the Drakeking, Castelloni. His parents were rather eccentric and chose to live a reclusive life in the desert, studying ancient ruins in search of the fabled Standing Glass.

Norm was more than willing to travel north and attend a proper Mage Hall despite his parents’ intentions to teach him ‘proper magic’. Norm’s unpolished spellcasting worked against him and the poised Hall of Roseland didn’t even allow him to test for a place in their Hall. Norm found himself traveling to Stendal where he was allowed to join the Winterseat Hall after much persuading.

There he met Theon Chorster and the two became friends. Norm’s fascination with the Volke of the Black Forest taught him many great things about magic and to this day, Theon believes that Norm’s constant ventures in the ensorcelled forest have given Norm an advantage over other Mages. A sort of fey-bond with the elements.

Norm also took up fencing lessons and excelled rather quickly. A year or two after Theon departed from Winterseat, Norm found himself bored and wandered the lands of Stendal and Bodrum looking for excitement and adventure. He was glad to receive word from Theon about an expedition to the ancient elven aviary of Skylden north in the Gray Isles.

After the fiasco and Levashen was released from his duties as sentinel beast, Norm and Theon infiltrated the hideout of the Astral Mages. Norm nearly lost his life at the hands of the powerful Hex-Mage, Garanth. In their escape, Norm managed to curse one of the six remaining Astral Mages into becoming a mute.

Norm is one of three humans who know how to work a Fery-Map.

Norm the Caster

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