Jan the Enchanted

A spirited young woman with an ancient talent.


Body: 65 / Mind: 35 / Soul: 77
Death Res: 70 / Morph Res: 49 / Fear Res: 55
Body Points: 65 / Spirit Points: 9
Attack +0 Block +0, Dodge +0, Initiative +0

Traits: Curious, saddleborn, youthful

Languages: Regional-Lann, Orkish

Skills: Wilderness 55%, Riding 80%, Jewelry-Craft 65%, Athletics 35%, Trading 55%

Talents & Abilities
Enchanter (Trained): Jan can enchant jewelry with spells she knows. This spell has a success chance of 35%.
Woodland Walker (Natural): Jan is much quicker and agile in the forest. She gains +1 dodge and initiative while in an area considered woodland.
Nascent Caster (Natural): Jan is able to cast spells without the use of a casting tool.
Fae Amulet (Special): Jan possesses a small wooden amulet with the symbols/words ara cuin , nirai , glou , jilad , surna , bagni , veilir.

Casting Cost: 2+1d8

Equipment: Hideskin, Steel Spear, Iron Shortsword, Light Crossbow, quiver & bolts (13).


Jan Cupsegh
Real Name: Janassa Cupsegh
Age: 19
Occupation: Jewelry maker
Bloodline: Arlayn
Birthdate: Decembra
Starsign: Star of Intelligence

Janassa Cupsegh was born the second daughter of Terron and Jarla Cupsegh. Their family sailed the Iron Strait from Cooldoom to Irontown when the orcs began to retake their native swamplands. Soon after they arrived in Irontown, Terron began to train and breed horses to make ends meet. In the years that followed, their business grew steadily and they traveled across Arlay, Breland and even to Telcity in Old Temminy.

Always having a fascination for art and a talent to boot, Jan found her true calling when she spent a summer apprenticing under an old jewelry witch in their caravan on the plains. Jan learned the art of minor-magic and a few spells the witch had learned ages ago.

Jan was taught how to imbibe the jewelry she made with these spells. All the while, Jan kept the knowledge of magic and enchanting a secret from her superstitious Heranite family members.

Her life changed when she met Drover in Irontown. They fell in love and she taught him almost everything he now knows of horsemanship. Jan departed her family on the road from Irontown just before Levashen began his destruction of the plains.

Jan the Enchanted

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