Davian the Loyal

Son of royal blood...


Body: 70/ Mind: 40 / Soul: 55
Death Res: 57 / Morph Res: 55 / Fear Res: 42
Body Points: 70 / Spirit Points: 10
Attack +0*, Block +0, Dodge +0, Initiative +0

Traits: Loyal, keen-eyesight, natureborn

Languages: Regional-Lann

Skills: Athletics 55%, Riding 35%, Wilderness 80%, Bower 55%, Trading 25%, Intimidation 35%, Sensory 75%, Stealth 35%, Fishing 55%, Cooking 35%

Talents & Abilities
Sniper (Trained): Davian can focus on a target for one turn and fire his arrow increasing his attack roll by +3.
Terrain Mastery (Trained): Davian is agile and able to traverse any terrain unhindered.
Iron Will (Natural): When faced with non-magical fear effects Davian’s resistance raises to 85%.
Archery Expert (Trained): Davian is a natural with a bow and he gains +1 attack with any ranged crossbow or bow.


Davian Loyalarl
Real Name: Davian Loyalar ne Raynard
Age: 23
Occupation: Forester/Hunter
Bloodline: Morvik (Mother) / Arlayn-Draftish (Father)
Birthdate: Janiar
Starsign; The Star of the Standing Spear

Davian is used to fending for himself. He was raised by a single, sickly mother in the desolate Draftlands and grew into a man very early on in life. He learned the skills of fishing, hunting and trapping their meals. His mother was a kitchen-maid in Fort Palad which was occupied by the Prince Raynard during his father’s, the False-King’s, rule over the Gray Isles.
After his mother passed away at fifteen, Davian continued to mete out a life in the Draftlands by trading what he needed with the village of Thornn and he developed a friendship with Kayal Carter, the mayor’s daughter.

One day, Davian and Kayal traveled to the old ruins of Hoern Tower. In the ruins they came across bandits who captured them both and ransomed them back to the village. Mayor Carter negotiated the bargain but only for Kayal. Davian was left in the captivity of the bandits who called themselves the Reachers.

For the next year or so Davian learned how to fight and further fend for himself against the world’s most dangerous predator, humans. The Reachers treated Davian like a dog, using him to hunt and track down quarry, both animal and human at times.

Davian escaped a few years before Cruvan Chorster enlisted him to find Theon and Davian was detrimental in their infiltration of Fort Palad. Inside of the old fort, Cruvan and Davian discovered an oil-painting with Prince Raynard and his sons, one of them bearing an uncanny resemblance to Davian himself.

After Fort Palad was retaken and Bakshra defeated, Davian was given the choice to take up his purported royal lineage but he shied away from the idea. Wishing to live his life peacefully and without conflict of the courts. He now resides at Fort Thornn as the occasional grounds keeper. More often than not – he can be found wandering the road between New Thornn and old Thornn keeping bandits from causing any trouble.

Davian the Loyal

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