Cruvan the Protector

Blacksmith and Knight of St. Hera.


Vital Scores
Body: 90 / Mind: 67 / Soul: 60
Death Res: 75 / Morph Res: 78 / Fear Res: 75
BP: 90 / SP: 17
Attack +2, Block +0, Dodge +0, Initiative +0

Traits: Leader, orphanborn, muscular

Languages: Regional-Lann

Skills: Athletics 55%, Diplomacy 65%, Intimidation 65%, Riding 75%, Smithing 75%,
Carpentry 35%, Healing 35%

Talents & Abilities
Heranite Healing (Special): Cruvan can heal a Health Points. For every 1 Spirit Point spent he heals 3 Health Points.
Unyielding (Natural): Cruvan can reroll a Death/Lethality check ONCE per session. The second roll must be taken regardless of the effects.
Dread Arm: Cruvan’s arm is decaying and allows undead to recognize him as one of their own. Cruvan can also sense undead within 100m.

Silver Longsword (1)
Ballurite Dagger (1)
Leather Quiver (1)
Hunting Bow (1)
Steel Arrows (20)
Iron Javelin (4) – Possible to offload onto horse for travel?
Light Opalite Shield (1)
Eld Breastplate (1)
Ring of Valor (1)
Belt Pouch (2)
Oil Flask 1 Pint (2)
Flint & Steel (2)
Bedroll (1)
Backpack (1)
Climbing Spike (5)
Chain 5’ (1)
Healing Balm (4)
Healing Tonic (1)
Basic Antidote (1)
Warhorse (1)



Cruvan Chorster
Real Name: Cruvan Tethys Chorster
Age: 26
Occupation: Blacksmith/Knight
Bloodline: Currently Unknown
Birthdate: Janiar
Starsign: Star of Conflagration

Cruvan Chorster was orphaned at a young age alongside his brother, Theon. While Cruvan’s memory of his parents are scattered and broken he does recall one memory more than any. The memory of fire, burning trees and the feeling of a great beast, carrying him and his infant brother through the black haze of smoke. The dream revisits him less and less as an adult.

The two orphans were found in the port of Seahaven by the wandering Jamkul and he adopted them almost instinctively. They’ve been a small family since. Cruvan and his brother grew apart when Theon decided to become a Mage across the Great Blue in Stendal. While his brother learned the arts of magic and foreign politics, Cruvan found his place in the carpentry trade and even attended a semester at the Institute of Teslev in Arlay.

At the Institute, Cruvan befriended the minor noble, Janath Falconsflight and even took on an apprentice while he earned his seal in blacksmithing. The young Walken Deadeyes who would eventually lead to more trouble than was necessary.

Cruvan’s life changed a year after Theon returned to the Gray Isles. While on a mission of peace, Theon went missing in the Draftlands. Cruvan and Jamkul headed north to find Theon and ended up sparking a revolution against the tyrannical baron, Bakshra. The revolution came to a climax when Cruvan inspired the people to barricade the town of Thornn. Many citizens were killed in the perish and the still-learning, Cruvan was filled with anger for his hasty mistake to fight against the well-trained knights.

In the end, it was Bakshra’s head that ended up on a pike, severed by Cruvan’s silver sword himself. While their adventure in the Draftlands ended questionably successful, Cruvan discovered his ability to heal wounds with his own spiritual energy. He has since learned that he must have an ancestor or two who were members of the Heranite Order of Ramsgate Monastery.

After the Draftlands were liberated, Cruvan returned to St. Hera to deal with the kidnapper’s accusations from Walken’s parents. After the short trial, Cruvan was knighted by the court and became a defender of St. Hera. Shortly after, Cruvan lead the expedition at his brother’s behest, to Skylden Aviary. In the resulting mayhem, Levashen was released and has now wrought destruction on the Arlay plains. Cruvan cannot help but blame himself.

Cruvan is a currently a bachelor and even with all his time spent on rebuilding Fort Palad/Thornn and advising the newly appointed mayor, Bellamin, he has noticed three women who wish for his hand in marriage. Kimberleigh the healer he rescued from Bakshra, Lady Tildress, a fellow knight of St. Hera and a new character in Cruvan’s story, a powerful Mage from Roseland named Samandra who has been sent to aide in the fight against Levashen.

In the Skylden Aviary, Cruvan suffered a terrible wound. He was nearly absorbed into the Dead Realm and his arm was badly injured. He now must concentrate and tend to it with healing magic every day or else it will decay and rot.

Cruvan the Protector

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