Bellamin the Mayorson

Newly appointed Mayor of New Thorn.


Body: 58 / Mind: 52: / Soul: 80
Death Res: 69 / Morph Res: 55 / Fear Res: 66
Body Points: 58 / Spirit Points: 13
Attack +1, Block +1, Dodge +0, Initiative +3

Traits: Energetic, plainsborn, tall

Languages: Regional-Lann

Skills: Athletics 65%, Riding 55%, Diplomacy 55%

Talents & Abilities
Fleet of Foot (Natural): Bellamin receives a +3 on all Initiative Rolls
Carterion Bracers (Special): Bellamin has an artifact which grows in power.
Sprinter (Natural): Bellamin can run faster and win in any race with Narrator’s discretion.

Iron Daggers (5)
Iron Javelin (1)
Long Bow (1)
Iron Arrows (20)
Light Opalite Shield (1)
Oil Flask 1 Pint (2)
Flint & Steel (2)
Bedroll (1)
Backpack (1)
Climbing Spike (5)
Chain 5’ (1)
Healing Balm (4)
Healing Tonic (1)
Basic Antidote (1)
Carterion Bracers


Bellamin Mayorson Carter
Real Name: Bellamin Carter
Age: 26
Occupation: Mayor of New Thornn
Bloodline: Anconan (Father) / Draftish (Mother)
Birthdate: Decembra 16th
Starsign: The Lofty Star

Bellamin Carter was born into minor-nobility of the Carter family of Thorrn. He was raised to always see things in an optimistic light and has a knack for comedy and dealing with people. His father, Cormag Carter, is a descendant of Anconans far north of the Gray Isle.

Cormag’s wife passed away only a year after his youngest child, Kayal Carter, was born. At the time, her death was attributed to a harsh case of Draftlung. It was only when Bellamin became an adult did his father explain that his mother was murdered by the a gang of bandits hiding in the Draftlands.

When Bakshra came to the Draftlands with his Bloodhounds in tow, their initial campaign against the unruly bandits, Cormag decided to pay Bakshra’s men for revenge against the bandits who killed Bellamin’s mother. This created a difficult situation between Cormag, Thornn and the soon-to-become tyrannical Bakshra.

Bellamin was the first citizen of Thornn to greet Cruvan Chorster and Jamkul when they arrived in the Draftlands. Bellamin lost his father just before the Defense of Thornn but he didn’t allow his father’s death to deter him from rescuing his sister. He participated in the infiltration of Fort Palad when his sister was forcibly kidnapped. Bellamin was unable to proceed through the underground ruins beneath Fort Palad when he was nearly killed by a rocktopus.

On the journey to the Skylden Aviary, Bellamin witnessed the rlease of Levashen the Gilded. He was one of thew few who narrowly escaped the great griffon’s wrath.

Bellamin the Mayorson

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